Thailand RTA Officer Advanced Course is a form of general development education that carries out leadership training and applied training in career development for officers from the Royal Thai Army who are prepared for the transfer of positions to middle-ranking officers. All learners are officers of the rank of first lieutenant or captain who has fulfilled the requirements to follow the education in the development of his career.

In the framework of a military cooperation between Indonesia and Thailand, the Indonesian Army and the Thailand RTA sent officers to carry out an education exchange programme. Officer Advanced Course is one of the exchange program. Under the program of 2017 – 2018, the Indonesian Army sent 7 officers with the rank of Captain, consisting of 2 Infantry officers, 2 Cavalry officers, 2 Field Artillery officers and 1 Engineer officer.

To be able to follow the course, the personnel must go through a series of selection, ranging from administrative selection, health condition selection, physical fitness selection and English selection. After passing the selection and elected to join the course program in Thailand, the participants must attend the three-month Thai Language briefing at Pusdikpengmilum, Cimahi. This is very necessary, because the language that will be used as the language of instruction at the time of implementation of the course is Thai Language.

For the Engineering itself, this course has been implemented for the second time. The total number of the participants are 88 students, consisting of 83 Thailand RTA officers, 1 Thailand Airforce officer, 3 Thailand Navy officers and 1 Indonesian Army officer. The course was held at Engineer School located in Ratchaburi, Thailand, for 18 weeks. Teaching and learning activities are held for 5 days each week, from Monday to Friday, starting at 08.00 – 17.00 local time.

In general, the subject matter given at the time of course does not differ greatly with the subject matter of Engineering course in Indonesian Army. Starting from Engineering combat support in attack, defense and tactical removal as well as technical knowledge in the field of construction. There are different materials in the subject matter given, including related engineering heavy equipment. The RTA engineering heavy equipment have the same as the Indonesian Army, but they also have special equipment to carry out specific tasks such as ladder trucks, water drillers, disaster response vehicles and portable generator sets vehicle.

The process of course assessment is based solely on the achievement of academic value, so that participants lack of physical fitness apart from the lack of obligation for participants to exercise in a coordinated. However, the awareness of each individual then to perform additional physical guidance independently.

While conducting course in Thailand, there are some positive things that can be suggested for implementation in Indonesian  Army in the future, these are as follows:

1)         E-Learning based testing method, where the student no longer uses paper to do the test in almost more than 40% of the lesson material to make the assessment more objective, the student can know the value directly after finished working on the given problem. If a student gets a score below 50%, then a one-time trial will be given to carry out a remedial exam with a different issue. But for the lessons of the nature of the practice for the exam remains to be executed by the method of practice exams.

2)         Implementation of the Combined exercise materials is carried out jointly by the  Infantry, Cavalry, Artillery, Engineer and Signal branches at the end of the course, whose implementation is tailored to the real conditions of Thailand, ranging from weather, field, enemy and so on. It adds insight and ability of participants to carry out the next task.

3)         The presence of units of Demonstration and Training at the level of Detachment / Battalion at the Engineer School Thailand, so that it can support the implementation of educational activities more leverage for all types of education without any personnel limitations.

In general, Indonesian Army Officer can follow Thailand RTA Engineer Officer Advanced Course in orderly and smooth manner. In addition to increasing knowledge during the implementation of learning activities at Engineer School Ratchaburi Thailand, as well as means in improving diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Thailand, also as an observer that can compare educational process both in terms of educational materials and from all components of education.

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