Department of Peacekeeping Operations (UNDPKO) and Department of Field Support (DFS) through Integrated Training Service below of Policy, Evaluation and Training Division issued United Nation Mobile Team Training for Peacekeeping. UNDPKO is one department who being active conducted world peacekeeping operations and also conducting cooperation for military, police, and civil in the kind of education and training. This training cooperated with DCSD and OIF (Organisation international de la francophonie) while in relation with French Defense Minister Service cooperated among DGRIS, EMA, EMAT, and EMSOME. EMSOME (état-major spécialisé pour l’outre-mer et l’étranger) Specialized  Staff for Foreign Affairs below French Defense Minister who responsible provide the place and their infrastructure in located area Rueil-Malmaison, Paris.

            This course who is conducted by UNDPKO is United Nation Staff Officer Training of Trainers Course (UNSO TOT Course) , the aims of this course are increasing the amount of  trainers in training fields especially Pre-Deployment Training in UN Standardization to strengthen the capacities of members countries and supporting mission Operations in Bilateral Cooperation Framework. Training materials consist of CPTM (Core Pre-deployment Training Materials), UNSO (United Nation Staff Officer) materials and  Specialized Training Materials (STM). UNSO TOT Course 2018 was hold at Military Complex who built in 18th Century named Caserne Guynemer, or well-known with EMSOME, Paris.

            UNSO TOT Course involved French Armed Force 7 participants and 38 Foreign Participants who French Speaker or more well-known by the term Francophone/Francophonie  consist of Cambodia, Benin, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Canada, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Guinée-conakry, Indonesia, Macedonia, Madagascar, Mali, Morocco, Mauritania, Mexico, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Rumania, Senegal, Swiss, Chad, Tunisia and Togo. UNSO TOT Course was attended the officers by rank from Captain until Colonel and representative from Army, Navy, and Air Force each Armed Forced and Police every participants Countries. Indonesian Participant is represented by Major Eng Devi Ibrohim, Kasi Proggar Bag Proggar Subditrenproggar Ditziad.

            This Course is started from February 19th  till March 02nd 2018 with Methods Theory, , Study Case, Discussion, and Exercise in United Nations Framework,  the Materials such as : UN Peacekeeping, Peace and Security Activities, Principle of UN Peacekeeping, Legal Framework, Security Council Mandates, How Operations Work, Working as one in the mission, Mission Partners, Mandates Task, Respect for Diversity, Conduct and Discipline, Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, Environment and Natural Resources, Safety and security for UN Personnel, Personal Security Awareness, Health, Stress Management, UN Secretariat Overview, FHQ Structure and functioning, Legal Aspect of UN Peacekeeping, Assessment and Planning, Information Gathering, Military Component Planning Process, Logistics Framework, Crisis Management, and finally the accumulation of training is Integrated Staff exercise Carana, every participants would be divided in certain position from Force commander, Chief of staff and supported by U1 – U9 cells even in Force Headquarters or Sector Headquarters. Each of staff will explain in presentation about Situation and condition recently in operation mission area on Carana Map according to each job description for Force Commander and next day all staff will accept the change of situation by Telegram, Facsimile, email, and Flash Report to be understood, prepare support Data, Analyzed and organized staff Briefing to discuss and take action and decision for getting the success of the mission.

            Through this Course, the participants are expected, they could prepare their selves becoming Trainers Officers who organize Pre-Deployment Training for UN Military Staff, UN Military Observer, and Contingent in Peacekeeping Operations recently and the future mission. The second the participants could understand complex mandate, Urge for the Deployment needs tend to be rapid, and also the needs of support unit as like aviation, Genie, Communication, etc. and built interoperability working system. The development global world who always dynamic and create variety problems and menaces which happened in any part of the world, the international actors who always giving an effort to get solution for those matters.

            UNSO TOT Course is a kind of training cooperation directly from UNDPKO and DFS with French Defense Minister in this case is EMSOME who appointed to increase amount of trainers for Pre-Deployment Training based on UN standardization and exercise all officers in multinational participants for peacekeeping operations. The most peacekeeping operation area is hold in French colony thus this training is dominated by Francophonie Countries Participants which have a goal to elevate the francophonie’s  TCC in UN future mission, while Indonesia is being  number 9 for the 10 biggest Troops Contributor Countries. (DGRIS Data 2017).

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